How To Flip A Home, LLC has a multi level approach to project approval that appeases all stakeholders and likewise gains positive momentum for the project.  It is essential to gain the trust of these groups so the project is protected “behind the scenes.” 

This multifaceted approach focuses on engagement of key stakeholders, public community groups, non-profits, and community businesses.

The backbone of development is ​to define and understand the community and neighborhood before proposing any new development within the community. 

Once the character of the community is established, we define the consultation plan and engage both the proponents and opponents of the community.  By seeking out both advocates and opponents of the project during the initial stages, we can quantify, forecast, and mediate the risk involved in order to achieve our goals. 

The construction process allows total control over each aspect of the development phase.  The systematic process allows for checks and balances throughout the development process.   Our depth of knowledge in the development arena offers over 75 years of experience, inclusive of 5,000 newly built single-family residents, 6,000 condominium units, and over 1,000,000 square feet of retail. 

Construction management and forecasting is the most important measure in the preliminary phase of the development process as we are able to maximize various value engineering components in the most efficient manner possible. 

How To Flip A Home, LLC focuses on the relationships within the team to execute on the sales, leasing, and marketing strategy for the new development.  These team members are chosen at the inception of the project in order for a cohesive team to work through and understand the development from the initial phases and design review.

We focus on areas in incredible pedestrian access and likewise regions where total retail vacancy is under 5%. This allows How To Flip A Home, LLC to target markets that contain healthy retail corridors that have been underutilized with city officials willing to work towards a redevelopment plan. 

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