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Everyone remembers the first house they moved in to. Whether it was as a child with your family, as a university student with friends, or with your spouse. This is because your home is a piece of your identity and an extension of one's self. 


At How To Flip A Home, LLC, we understand the importance of investors and consistent neighborhood gentrification. We streamline the process of How to Flip a Home so you can spend your time finding more deals and making significantly more reasonable investment decisions. On top of all of this, you will be improving the long-term future of many neighborhoods. We have added 3 million annually to San Diego regions' tax revenue through renovations of homes. 

Our vast experience in this field has afforded us a true trial and error methodology of understanding what works and what does not work.  The use of our programs not only enhances your investment analysis skills, but you can also begin understanding a variety of facets within the construction realm of real estate.  Our goal is to take the work out of deal creation and underwriting so you can focus on growing your business.  

Jack Pointsman, our founder and CEO, sells his first home to his sister, Amanda thus sparking a passion for finding the right house for th​e right person.






We are always looking to expand our pool of talent. We want passionate, dedicated, affable people who love working with our clients to make their home-owning dreams a reality. Making that deep connection with your clients is a rewarding experience few professions can offer.


Jack and Thomas officially start How To Flip A Home, LLC, opening an office in Sunnydale (which, they might add, was a great value and a beautiful property – thanks to a keen eye and lots of patience).

Jack and Thomas expand even further from the metro area into the suburbs. They find great success in exploring new markets and new possibilities.


Six new agents get onboarded, as well.

Jack hires Thomas Moyer as his first real estate agent, taking on an even larger area of the valley under his purview. Lots of great successes and happiness follow.

The present day – Jack and Thomas are still out there selling houses and making dreams come true.